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About Dorado

Seeking “Legendary”

‘El Dorado’ is named after a treasure city of South America that has been sought by the early Spanish explorers. Later on, The Term ‘Dorado’ became any place that offers great wealth.
Linking with the wealthy values that Capital Link continuously tries to inject into each project. Dorado is the newest legendary building in the New Administrative Capital.

Located in the heart of Down Town. The project kicked off in 2021 to be one of the Down Town’s important buildings. Along with many mix-used projects, The contemporary building is near all the governmental and financial institutes in the New Capital.

1 million
2022 investment
+ 1
Total Area
G+ 1

Trendy and Modern

‘Dorado’ follows the professional architectural theme, with a glass facade that gradually became the latest trendy style. Placed on 2,216 square meters with 165 total units.

Units are astonishingly designed to suit all the business fields and create a super elegant environment.


Facilities & Amenities

Sound Systems

Restaurants Area

Security Cameras


Air Conditioning

Fire System

Central Satellite

Solar Energy

Incomparable diversity

The largest Financial and business district in Africa, an incomparable environment for innovation and generating new ideas.


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