” Connected to nature ”

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About Solano

Connected to nature

In the ancient dictionaries, the word ‘Solano’ originally comes from the term ‘sun’ which is the central star that we all revolve around. Solano in Spanish signifies the places that are exposed to the sun.
Hence, Capital Link pillars revolve around the client’s needs, just like the sun!

Enlighted in Egypt
Capital link rises its sun in the middle of the New Administrative Capital certainly in Down Town near all the important governmental and financial entities in the Business District.
Minutes away from New Cairo.

1 million
2022 investment
+ 1
Total Area
G+ 1

Dynamic environment

The vibrant community that is being built in Down Town, is unmatched by any other location in the whole continent. A dynamic hub that combines both diligence and youthfulness in the same place, a place where creativity and innovation are being perfectly unleashed.
The vision behind the project is to carry effortlessly reachable businesses, medical clinics, and commercial areas in one large place.
Additionally, Capital Link has planned an environmentally friendly infrastructure for a better future.


Facilities & Amenities

Sound Systems

Restaurants Area

Security Cameras


Air Conditioning

Fire System

Central Satellite

Solar Energy

The soothing facade

Art pieces come in different shapes, this masterpiece is a mixed-use building that has spacious commercial, administrative and medical units over 2,195 square meters.
The building is inspired by Modernist architecture, a style based upon new innovative technologies. The usage of glass in the building is an embrace of modernity and minimalism.


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