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About Verona

Unparalleled world

Capital Link does not just distinctively choose projects; the company is also picky when deciding its names. ‘Verona’ is named after a city located on a riverbank in northeastern Italy, but originally ‘Verona’ signifies the truth.
The truth is one of Capital Link’s brand values and moralities, The company believes in truthfulness, integrity, and transparency with its clients.

In 2021 Capital Link chose a strategic location to situate Verona, specifically in the heart of downtown The New Administrative Capital where all the special financial and governmental landmarks are established.

1 million
2022 investment
+ 1
Total Area
G+ 1

The gracefulness architecture

The competition in the center of the financial district is fierce, this is why the building matches the theme of the area yet it has a unique facade
The design is inspired by an ultra-modern yet contemporary design built over 2085 square meters.
A vibrant model of construction that provides people with entertainment and commercial destinations.


Facilities & Amenities

Sound Systems

Restaurants Area

Security Cameras


Air Conditioning

Fire System

Central Satellite

Solar Energy

A short drive to reach the 'Truth'

Minutes away from New Cairo, The building has various access from Road 90 and Suez and Al-Ain Al Sokhna Road.

Construction Updates


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