About us

About us

Capital Link developments

An entity that believes in creating a durable solid bond between our customers and our company, established in 2020 by prestigious and well reputable founders and partners. Grown during a critical time to challenge the real estate market in Egypt. In a short period, Capital Link has flourished to construct diverse contemporary and distinct projects, lifelike projects that assemble all the aspirations and hopes and shape them into liveable buildings.

Capital Link includes the user during every step of the way, from the moment they purchase their unit till the day they happily live in it.
We promise to make it a delightful experience.

The company updates its strategic plans according to daily innovations and smart inventions; To cope with the present and add value to the future.

The people of Capital Link are keen to offer a delectable experience to every person who has decided to choose the company. 

History of success
and achievements

A short history yet conducted mighty achievements. In 2021 the company penetrated the market with ‘Quatro’ accomplishments in the New Administrative Capital. Laval, Solano, Verona, Dorado and more to come.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission

We aim for the best, and our mission has been clear since day one. We strive to be an entity That alternatively listens to every customer, and thus caters to their needs and requirements duly.

Our Vision

Based on the previous, our vision appears in our projects. We proffer an unmatchable living experience with exceptional ideas and elevated quality. We always opt for brilliance, fineness, clarity, and integrity

Brand Values


We commit to what we promise you, responsible for delivering the best quality to you

Innovation & Sustainability

We link between creativity and innovation, we always aim for the moon.

Human - Centric

Human welfare is our top priority, bearing in mind our employees & clients


Sincere on converting your dreams into real life buildings.
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